Our Company

Our Company

Monad Security Audit Systems Inc. was founded under the leadership of former Toronto Police Deputy Chief James Clark, and was first established to address the growing concerns about safety, accountability and liability faced by property management corporations. As a result, MONAD began to drive the topic of security directly into corporate boardrooms, assisting property management corporations to improve their security measures.

Since our incorporation in 1998, Monad Security Audit Systems Inc. has been dedicated to ensuring that the interests of our clients are accurately reflected through forthright and unbiased consulting and reporting. We are a totally independent and neutral company, which allows us to obtain optimum results discreetly, without disruption, and in total confidence with our clients.

  • Property and Security Auditing
  • Policy Review and Creation
  • Specialized Services tailored to your needs (i.e. risk assessments, investigations, countermeasures, surveillance, defensive tactics and forensics)
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Corporate and Security Training
  • Industrial Parks
  • Transportation Companies
  • Retail Chains
  • Hotels
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Government of Canada & Provincial Governments
  • Property Management Corporations

Core Values

INTEGRITY. We are industry professionals dedicated to providing trustworthy and dependable information to our clients.

CLIENT FOCUSED. We challenge ourselves to deliver the best possible performance to create long-term, sustainable client partnerships.

EXPERTISE. We strive to be constant champions in our field through research and development, training, and building relationships abroad.


Monad is defined as an unextended, indivisible, and impenetrable entity that is the ultimate constituent of the universe. With this in mind, along with the original Monad symbol (click here), we are thrilled to present our company logo. To represent the impenetrable entity we created a split illusion with the M to create a shield. Also, to represent Monad as an unextended, indivisible unit, we created an external surrounding ring that represents 360 degree protection.