Strategic Consulting & Investigations

Comprehensive Security Auditing

The Need

There is increasing evidence to confirm that a company’s overall security improvement is a major benefit. The need stems from the fact that there are very few independent security consulting companies that offer insight and assurance of how security efforts and dollars should be spent for a specific company or property.

Management generally lacks an awareness of the depth of potential problems and the real capability of the security industry to provide proper insight on safety and protection. In order to assist owners and managers, MONAD has introduced Security Audit Systems to evaluate the performance of the industry through total security audits. This system has created unparalleled protection and has substantially minimized liability for all of our clients.

Why Monad?

Our independent experience is unmatched, having established with our clients an unparalleled reputation for timely, comprehensive, and cost effective evaluations. The foundation of this organization is the commitment to the highest standards of discretion and objectivity. Using a matrix of automated and manual techniques, intelligence and analytical expertise, we diagnose all potential threats that will assist in minimizing liabilities for your company.

“The client is best served by factual, unbiased information and scientific evidence based analysis. Our professionals bring together extensive training and experience in dealing with personnel, crisis response, testimony and public relations”
– Dino Doria, President & CEO
The Security Assessment is custom tailored for each project, but typically includes the following tasks:
Equipped with this information our clients can then make informed decisions about preventative and corrective measures to limit liabilities.

The trust imparted by our clients is of paramount importance to the success of our company. An integral component of that trust is Monad’s Respect and Adherence to providing Accurate, Objective and Substantiated reports.
  • Risk & Threat Identification
  • Review all security issues on site
  • Review degree of compliance with recognized CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principals
  • Review of Facility Operating Policy & Procedures
  • Review of Regulatory Requirements
  • Review of Physical Security Systems
  • Review of Security Management & Personnel
  • Evaluation of Present Security Program and Identification of Weaknesses