Strategic Consulting & Investigations

Strategic Consulting & Investigations

In today’s market, corporations should always be prepared for the unexpected. The specialist’s at Monad will assist you every step of the way in countering any security threat that may come against your company. Our experts have academic legal knowledge, coupled with specialized years of law enforcement, and security investigations. The Monad staff has assisted multi-cultural communities internationally.

“The uniqueness of MONAD = Comprehensive consulting”

The key differentiating factor, or the uniqueness of MONAD, stems from its position of providing comprehensive consulting, rather than competing within the security industry for day-to-day contracts. The best result possible is then available; placing our clients in a position to make informed decisions that will positively impact their operations.

MONAD offers the most effective team of specialists in the world to support the wide-ranging needs of our clients.  We offer expert consulting and investigation for, but not limited to, the following topics:

What We Offer
  • Federal and Regional legal Issues
  • Criminal and Civil issues
  • Security, Infrastructure Risk Assessments
  • Internal Investigations
  • Fire & Health Safety
  • Defensive tactics
  • Forensic investigations
  • Workplace Conflict
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Hate Crime Investigations – Pro-Active Community Initiatives
  • Policy Creation and Review
  • Security Consulting
  • Pre-Screening Employment Interviews
Client Advantages
  • Minimize liabilities and mitigate future risks
  • Protect corporate image and reputation
  • Protect revenue sources
  • Maintain everyday business operations without interruption
  • Internal and External Fraud Detection
  • Effective ready response for emergencies